DIY: Ribbon Curtain

Ribbon curtains make such a nice event or photobooth backdrop.

What you’ll need:

  • Scissors
  • Ribbon (For a variety of textures I used satin ribbon, burlap ribbon and lace ribbon)
  • Rope cord or something similiar

1. Cut ribbon to desired length. I made mine about 5 feet long and cut at least 50 strands total.

2. Leave extra room, about a foot, on the side of the cord you're starting with, for tying when you hang the curtain. Tie a ribbon to the cord with about an inch of ribbon coming out the top. I just did a regular ol' knot. 

3. Repeat with all the ribbon, rotating colors or textures, until the curtain is as wide as desired. Leave about a foot of extra cord on the other end as well for tying when you hang it up. 

4. Hang and enjoy!



Photo Credit: Blue Jar Events

Photo Credit: Blue Jar Events