What our clients say:

Rachie & Liz | Photo by Nir Landau |  http://www.nirlandau.com/

Rachie & Liz | Photo by Nir Landau | http://www.nirlandau.com/

Ashley and Kelsie made my wedding day perfect! I could not have had a more perfect day and I owe it to them. They took care of every last detail, resulting in a smooth event. My guests are still talking about what a great wedding it was. I encourage anyone thinking of getting married to hire them.
— Sam & Miles, 2016
Ashley and Kelsie truly made our day seamless. I went the DIY route for our decorations and planned the day with the vendors. Ashley and Kelsie met with me in person and via videochat through the 9 month process. They asked questions and genuinely listened before providing their very sound advice. They were ultra-professional leading up to the big day and particularly on the big day. A couple issues came up on the day-of in my own planning, and Ashley and Kelsie made sure I didn’t find out about them until afterwards. They took care of us just as much as they took care of the on-going flow of the day as it unfolded. Their friendliness, attention to detail, and experience made our day one we could really just enjoy and remember warmly.
— Christine & Matt, 2016
Thank you so much for helping make our wedding so amazingly wonderful! You guys were saviors the day and night of the wedding! We loved all the small details you added, especially the lemonade table which everyone thought was extremely cute. We were shocked to see how clean and organized it was when we woke up the next morning. Seriously you guys were the best! We really couldn’t have asked for a better wedding!
— Therese & Ryan, 2015
We are so grateful to Ashley and Kelsie for their coordination of our wedding day! Everything went off without a hitch, or at least not any that we could see. After making sure the plans were taken care of and helping us troubleshoot all the minutia, they were there from the early morning until things were cleaned up to handle every known and unknown detail. We were able to fully experience each part, knowing that setting up every extension chord, getting each course of food out and so many other things were taken care of. We now get to look back on the whole experience with such vivid memory - thank you!
— Rachie & Liz, 2015
Thank goodness I hired Blue Jar Events for my day-of coordinating! After months of planning DIY decorations and details for my wedding day, I realized I needed help bringing my plans to fruition. Ashley and Kelsie listened closely, studied my Pinterest page, and encouraged me in all of the DIY projects that I had my heart set on. I was simply thrilled with how beautiful they made my wedding ceremony and reception venue! They exceeded my expectations in every respect. Not only do they have impeccable taste, but they helped me get organized and stay calm leading up to the event. I was able to relax and enjoy a beautiful wedding day in large part because of their work.
— Melanie & Kyle, 2014
Smooth as silk! That is how I would describe the job Blue Jar did for us. Thank you! Every detail was covered. The decorations and flowers were beautiful, and the caterer was excellent, both in food and service. Blue Jar dealt with each aspect of the party calmly. I would ask about something and they would say, ‘Done!’ I’ve never thrown a party where I didn’t have to do a thing! Ashley and Kelsie, you are awesome.
— Ione & Randy, 2014
The involvement of Blue Jar Events on our wedding day was a tremendous gift. Ashley and Kelsie handled the nitty-gritty day-of logistics that no one wants to be bothered with on their wedding day! They were on top of challenges that we didn’t even know about until long after the event. We were able to stay in the moment and didn’t worry about a thing, knowing that this talented duo were thinking on their feet with creativity and grace. Prior to the day, we had talked over many details, but others, like their arrangements of the gifts area and place cards, were lovely surprises that greeted us as we entered the reception space. It was a special day made even more unique, gorgeous and calm by Blue Jar Events.
— Leah & Dan, 2013
With outside-the-box creativity, problem solving and professionalism, Blue Jar Events gave us the support and creative energy that turned our ideal wedding into a reality. Kelsie and Ashley adapted to our style and our unique situation, being a French-American couple living overseas, and integrated our personalities and story into a cleverly themed and joyous reunion of families and friends. Throughout the planning process they kept us organized with a scheduled checklist, updated vendor contacts, and time-saving solutions while maintaining the sentimentality of the event beyond all the logistics. With Blue Jar, wedding planning changed from a burden into a fun and creative process. We couldn’t have done it without them!
— Tori & Mathieu, 2013
Blue Jar Events gave us a wonderful, wonderful wedding that was so much more than we ever imagined it could be. We would never have been able to do it without their energy, creativity, thoughtfulness and effort. The flowers, decorations, and food (we had a food truck that BJE helped out with!) were all amazing, but the part the made it so wonderful was that BJE took care of everything on the day of the event - my wife and I were able to enjoy our wedding to its fullest without having to make any decisions or oversee anything. We will always remember it as one of the best events of our lives and will be forever thankful for all that BJE did to make it that way.
— Kiersten & Sharyn, 2012
Leah & Dan | Photo by Kelly Benvenuto Photography |  www.kellybenvenuto.com

Leah & Dan | Photo by Kelly Benvenuto Photography | www.kellybenvenuto.com